Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.


Back in 2008 I had a one person operation and I was constantly behind on most of my tasks and not necessarily focused on the things that mattered.


I have just hired my fourth employee and I am now able to focus on the bigger picture goals and move projects along as opposed to getting involved in the tasks that I can delegate.


Peter is an amazing coach with a great perspective from a business structure point of view as well as drawing from his vast experiences.  After being in the commercial real estate industry for 25 years I think I have a firm understanding of the majorities of possibilities when making a decision and I am constantly, pleasantly surprised with how Peter views a situation and on the spot brainstorms a possible road map of achieving my goals.


I was hesitant to hire a coach at first and did not think I would realize much value but it has been a great experience and one with an ROI that I cannot calculate with all the guidance, new ideas, valuable feedback and perspectives that I would not be able to get anywhere else.   Since being coached by Peter I have read articles in business publications about many high level CEO’s of publicly traded companies that have prospered due to their business coaches, now I believe it and I know that business people on all levels can benefit from Peter’s type of coaching. ~ Jim Kaplan




Having Peter as your coach is like having the outside director on your Board of Directors that you always hope you’ll have but never seem to get. ~ Nathan Hamilton